From AmeriCorps to Peace Corps: A Tale of Two Tutors

  It’s no surprise that some tutors choose to serve in the Peace Corps after their AmeriCorps service has ended. When President Bill Clinton established AmeriCorps in 1994, he wanted to create a domestic program sharing the Peace Corps’ dedication to aiding less fortunate communities. Some of our tutoring alumni, like 2013-2014 tutor Hope Passmore […]

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Susan Hull: Literacy First Champion

  As a brand-new grandmother, Susan Hull has really begun to appreciate on a whole new level just how early literacy development starts in a child. Her baby grandson reminds her every day about the important role that reading has always played in her family. “We just assumed you would read,” she remembers, “and of […]

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How Poverty Affects Children’s Minds and What We Can Do About It

ACE tutor Nicole embraces our mission to teach reading to K-2nd graders in Title I schools because she is interested in combatting the effects of poverty through education. She recently read Teaching with Poverty in Mind: What Being Poor Does to Kids’ Brains and What Schools Can Do About It. Through the book, Nicole gets […]

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